finding emma’s heart

"You've been my friend.

That in itself is a tremendous thing."
-- EB White

Finding Emma’s Heart is the first in a series of children’s inspirational stories. It’s a “chapter book” written in a manner that will allow children to not only be read to; but to read it themselves as they learn. Our target audience is aged 8 to 11 – and – we think there are messages that will inspire children and adults.

The story is about Emma’s journey to find a magic heart rock that was a gift from her father. She loses it on the beach and becomes convinced she will never hear her own heart until she finds the missing, magic rock. Emma makes many new friends as she searches. Each one agrees to help her and brings their special talents to the task. They also share lessons about faith, trust, and letting go.

A key theme of the story is based on the Hawaiian concept of ‘ohana – the extended “family” that’s connected by a common bond. As Emma searches, she begins to feel a sense of compassion, support, and love. She begins to understand that it’s okay to ask for help; there will always be a hand to help; and that she is not alone. And, as she reaches out, she can trust that her ‘ohana will be there.