This is Nash… he’s three and a half years old and is a certified therapy and emotional support dog.  He has a heart overflowing with love and he’s happy for any opportunity he has to share it.Nash loves to connect and play with children most of all – and together we visit organizations and attend events where his presence provides a special kind of healing support and comfort.

While he shares his healing love with everyone… he holds a special place in his heart for children. Some of his favorite days are spent at schools and organizations where he can share his love (and tennis ball) – playing a game of catch or “pickle in the middle”. And any chance he has to settle in for some good snuggles, cuddles, and hugs… well… he’s all in! He has a particular gentle spirit and patience with special needs children

Nash routinely joins me on stage during speaking engagements, on retreat, and book signing/club events. He’s a regular when I’m facilitating a group sessions for support and recovery. He has a quiet flow of unconditional love that helps make people feel safe, secure, and loved.

When we are not in service, Nash loves to hike and wander the trails, swim in the lake and play ball with his friends. He somehow finds a new way to make me laugh every day. His “go-to” mode is still “play” – however – it’s in the moments when he’s quiet and snuggly that I love most. He’s the light in my heart and I love to share his joy and happiness.


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