Hi, I’m Kate and thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about me.  I’m a writer and a personal and leadership development coach. 

About ten years ago, I dared myself to live a different life. I ditched my corner office, peep-toe pumps, and power meetings. I traded the safety of my career for a writer’s desk, flip flops (and bunny slippers), and power walks with my dog.

I wondered if it was possible to stop making choices around the ideas and expectations that I (as well as others) had of what I should be, and start making more deliberate decisions based on what I wanted to be. Was it possible to create a passionate, purpose-driven life based on my heart’s ideals and intentions? 

There was some trepidation in those early moments.  As I started to find my way, I discovered the one, significant obstacle that I would encounter over and over again… me. I learned that the more I was able to trust that what I was seeking was attainable, the more courage I had to accomplish anything I set my heart to…. even when the challenge was me.

I traveled to the roots of what kept me in “survival mode” and slowly surrendered to the harsh and painful truths that lived in the darker corners of my soul. I accepted the entirety of me (good and bad) and let go of behaviors, reactions, and coping mechanisms –  everything I had created to survive.  Everything.  The healing was slow, but powerful and transformative – it was as if an entirely new person emerged. 

I culminated my experiences into two, memoir/personal development books. Untethered and Becoming Kate are stories about letting go, change, and transformation.  They’re personal experiences from the journey I took to reconcile my past, restore peace to my soul, and release my heart’s passion to live. I’m currently working on my third book – an inspirational novel targeted for children.

I also searched for ways that I could contribute the entirety of my experiences – personal and professional – to the benefit of others as they navigate the opportunities that come with life’s many twists and turns.  I engaged with a coach to help me explore and clarify the best way to achieve this.  I loved the structure and intention of the work – and  pursued a certification program specializing in personal and leadership development coaching.

I earned BA and MBA degrees from Baldwin-Wallace University and a coaching certification from the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara. I also hold certifications in conflict resolution and some art therapy techniques. Untethered and Becoming Kate are both published by Balboa Press, a division of HayHouse Publishing. 

My three-year old goldendoodle – Nash – and I do therapy work with special needs and at-risk children. Nash also joins me during speaking engagements, retreats and workshops, as well as participating in support group work for addiction, recovery, and grief. I also love cooking, running, hiking, and yoga… and long walks on the beach with Nash!

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