guided journaling

To me, writing and particularly journaling is a wonderful creative outlet and powerful healing tool.  I have always loved to write, and I used journaling as a way to safely explore emotions and experiences.  Writing became an important element on my healing journey and in time, my journal entries evolved into essays and stories. One day, I mustered the courage to share my writings and was strongly encouraged to pursue my passion. The rest – as they say – is history.  

So it got me thinking. What if I combined my passions for writing and helping others?  What if I created an intentional structure that allowed individuals to explore their inner worlds in a way that’s quiet, safe, and convenient to life’s busy schedule.   

The courses are all designed to spark your creative spirit… and provide a source of quiet, reflective and expressive time to:

  • brainstorm possibilities and ideas;
  • explore connections between actions and reactions;
  • connect with feelings regarding a situation or circumstance;
  • capture moments of gratitude.

It’s been a goal to have at least one part of my practice to be available to anyone, regardless of ability to pay.  So…. all of my journaling courses are offered at no charge or by donation only.  It’s my gift to anyone who wishes to give journaling a try!

intro to journaling

Designed for anyone who wants to experiment with a structured introspective approach to explore and learn more about... you! Each week for twelve weeks you will receive an email from me with a topic or area of focus. You work at your own pace, at a time that's convenient to you. The goal is to find two or three opportunities within that week to journal.