Ever feel like you need to get your ducks in a row?

About two months after I sold my business, I needed to figure out what was next for me. I was at the threshold of an entirely new life – professionally and personally. And… even though the thought of “starting over” seemed a bit daunting, I was equally curious and excited to find the “next” in my life. I was up for the challenge, but didn’t know exactly how to begin. I only knew I needed to get my ducks in a row!

I engaged a coach to help me gain clarity around my goals and craft plans to take the next steps. Coaching helped me broaden my perspective, and explore ideas. It empowered me to conquer the barriers that always showed up right at the moment I was about to experience the change I was seeking.  

And… in the midst of this experience, I realized that coaching was not only helping me clarify and pursue my goals, it aligned perfectly with one of my career goals. coaching aligned with my career goals and I decided to pursue my certification.  It allows me to contribute the entirety of my personal and professional experiences to the support and betterment of others. I love the context and structure of the work. It’s goal oriented, purpose-driven… heart-centered.

The coaching relationship is a partnership of equals. The individual brings purpose and commitment to the work. Coaches actively listen, ask questions, and provide structure and support. Coaches travel with you at a point when an objective, outside perspective provides clarity to your purpose and goals. The work challenges the individual to reach outside that comfort zone and  remain open and curious about ideas and options. Coaches also catch you in the blindspots and help entrench new patterns and behaviors that build upon strengths. 

My coaching style is collaborative and curious;  rooted in positive psychology and strengths-based approaches. I blend proven concepts and empirical methods with practical wisdom and personal experience as we work together to:

  • address personal and professional transitions;
  • strengthen work-life balance, agility, and resilience; and
  • practice and embrace a “well” life encompassing, mind, body, and s

leadership & career development

The professional part of my practice places special emphasis on "early adulters", those individuals reaching into some of their first major personal and professional transitions or "pivots".  Many have the goal of transitioning from contributor or manager, to leader.  Much of the conversation focuses on opportunities to build relationships, communication, leadership.

loss and transition

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